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Relocating to London with a pet

Moving to London is stressful enough as it is. Relocating with a pet is far more complicated. At Pets Lets, we work with clients from around the world as well as people based in the UK. The common factor is that they all need help moving to London with their pets. In fact, we specialise in pet friendly relocation and through our network of contacts, we find pet friendly London properties, in pet friendly locations as well as negotiate on the rent and sort out the paperwork including a Pet CV and inserting a pets clause in a contract. We remove all the stress. For any advice on moving to London with a pet, pets and London property are our specialty. Feel free to email us at [email protected]

Greetings from Russell & Biscuit (Beagle/ Bassett)

I grew up as small boy in the centre of London. In fact during that time, our family inherited three dogs from friends and strangers because landlords would not allow pets in the building.

Years later as a property buying agent advising clients, in the same way, I noticed how little landlords and freeholders had changed in their ‘non-pet friendly’ attitudes.

Is it because pets make a mess, likewise, so do adults and children. Furthermore the majority of dogs that travel, only do so because they are well trained. For example to many people their pets are close family, who are equally important. So why should they be left behind?  As a result we offer pet friendly rentals in London so the whole family can equally enjoy our green City.

At Pets Lets, we talk to landlords and explain why opening their doors to pets is equally important. A staggering 45% of the UK population own a pet and equally their owners take great care to ensure there is no damage and any mess is cleared up. 

Biscuit our Baglehound, and I make a great combination. I look after the property side and she sniffs out the best places to eat!

Your pets, our family.

Whether you are single or have a family, when you come back home, that familiar face is there to greet you with its tail wagging or loud purring! Cats and Dogs are indeed part of the family.,

 In the same way, some people refer to their pets as ‘children in fur coats’. Having a dog or cat is like having another child. So why leave them behind!

Pets Lets is about making sure you can come to London with your pet, knowing they can be also looked after in your absence if you need to go out with our Petcierge service.

London is about having everything on your doorstep, additionally with a minimal commute as well as close to parks and commons. That is why our properties are hand-picked and located in zones 1 & 2.

As a matter of fact, Pets Lets is all about being 100% pet friendly.

Pet Friendly Properties ‘Under One Roof’

For example, whether you are looking to come to London, live in the Capital with a dog, or are refurbishing your own home and need to move out for a few months with the family and your dog, it is of course difficult to find the right accommodation.

You can contact us at Pets Lets about all pet friendly rentals in London as well as long term lettings. We have a network of landlords who may well be open to a short- or long-term pet friendly rentals.

Having been in London property for many years, it is all about who you know in addition to trusted relationships.

‘Open door’ policy

At Pets Lets, we also like to hear from our guests with feedback. For instance, not just about our properties, but also if you found a great new pet friendly café or pub or a tucked away pet friendly London park. Similarly, any London ‘pet tips’ are always welcome.

We are all about raising the profile of London as a city that welcomes pets and in the same way offer advice from Londoners.

You can contact us at Pets Lets about all London pet property matters including long term lettings. We have a network of landlords who may well be open to a short- or long-term pet friendly tenancies.

If you are looking to find out more about lettings with pets, for example visit the Dogs Trust which gives more in-depth information.

Frequently Asked Questions

General Pets Guidelines

We do have strict guidelines for dog owners and they very rarely present a problem. We do ask all dog owners to adhere to these guidelines (failure to do so may result in you being asked to leave without compensation).

  1. Dogs must be under strict control at all times while on the property.
  2. Any fouling must be cleaned up without delay.
  3. The owner must bring the dog’s bed or basket for sleeping in.
  4. Dogs must not be left alone in the property.
  5. Dogs must not lie on beds or chairs, and hair must be cleared up before departing.

Contact us by phone or email stating which property you are interested in, your breed of pet, and preferred dates. We will come back to you within 24 hours. If not available on those dates, we will recommend other potential properties. We will need a copy of your passport and utility bill within 3 months. Our colleagues will take you through the process and we will block out the dates.

Our colleagues will talk you through the payment process over the phone to confirm the booking. We also take a booking fee over the phone which is to cover administration as well cleaning and laundry. There is a £20 pet surcharge per booking.

If you cancel at lest 5 days prior to arrival, we offer a full refund. Less than 5 days there is no refund as we would be unlikely to find a replacement booking.

Prior to your stay, please feel free to ask us any questions about the property and location. In the properties, there is an in-depth file outlining more about what to do in London as well as recommended local shops and places to see.

Came to the UK for the London Arts Festival which was fantastic to say the least.Great that my two Chihuahuas could accompany us.

black man smiling

Henry Mwalongo

Owner of Dogs

Susie really enjoyed her stay in Notting Hill.Great to find so many pet friendly restaurants

attractive woman face

George Patterson

Dog Owner

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