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Affordable Pet Friendly London Relocation

Despite nearly half the UK population having a pet, London is one of the hardest places to find a pet friendly rental.

Some London landlords will not even consider a pet, others will be more open-minded and ask about the nature of the pet and may require a Pet CV.

For many landlords time is money. They may well consider a pet if it means getting a tenant in rather than a costly void period. Just beware of extra clauses and costs. Christmas is also a good time as the festive season is a lengthy one without a tenant, from circa mid- December to mid-January, so there may be some flexibility in letting with pets.

Sometimes having a professional negotiating on your behalf can ‘tip the balance’ in your favour. It is just like taking your children for a School interview. Imagine the landlord meets your dog, it is well behaved with its cute eyes and he or she is won over and will consider a pet friendly let. At Pets Lets, we know this from experience.

A Pet CV plays a more important role though when it comes to a big dog or dogs’ or cats plural. Then a reference stating that they are well behaved counts for a lot. Size of dog means everything to landlords when renting with pets. They envisage the new paintwork or décor being marked and furniture chewed. Just like when you walk into a property and see a big crack. You just think subsidence, particularly if you are looking to buy, and that thought, or perception is very difficult to change regardless of all the advice you are given.

When it comes to property people tend to be risk adverse, particularly if they used to live there and have fond memories. The thought of a pet running around the house making a mess, puts landlords off renting their London home out to tenants with pets.

We understand London property. We also understand that a standard relocation agent charging a months rent is a luxury many people cannot afford. Yet, finding a pet friendly London property is tough and people are unwilling to move without a loved ‘furry’ member of the family.

Pets Lets is about giving you a more affordable alternative to relocate with your pet in London. We will come up with ideas of kinds of properties as well as good pet friendly locations, close to parks and commons. Sometimes insider London knowledge makes all the difference to making your life that bit easier. Where is the best place to live in the Capital with, say my dog, where he or she can go for a walk with ease of commute to my work place.

We offer 3 different price brackets based on budget and client’s requirements.

To find out more, best to email us at [email protected] or follow us on Instagram @petslets and DM.

Russell Hunt is the Founder of Pets Lets and has been advising clients on buying, selling and letting London properties for over 20 years.

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