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Moving to London with a Pet

The UK is a pet loving nation. London is one of the most pet friendly capitals in the World. Our head of State, The Queen, has had Corgis in the royal household for generations. Yet finding a pet friendly London property is not that simple and the good pet friendly rentals go quickly.

The London property system is an antiquated one with leaseholds, share of freeholds and freeholds. These are just types of property ownerships. Particularly with a leasehold, which means blocks of flats for example. The person (the freeholder or the estate) who owns the block rather than the flat says whether pets are allowed or not and whether a pets allowed clause can be inserted in a rental or sales agreement.

There was a recent example of someone who bought a flat for over £1 million. Only after moving in with their dog, were they informed that pets were not allowed in the building. The moral of this story is that you must make sure that any London property is pet friendly. There must be a pets allowed clause inserted into any rental agreement, otherwise a London landlord could say no to pets and you will have to leave the property.

There are many people who have rented the same property for years. During that time, they have got a family pet, anything from a dog or a cat to a Lizard, Budgie, Rabbit or a snake and have not informed their landlord. They are constantly ‘looking over their shoulders’ in case the landlord visits the property, because they are not sure if the landlord will allow pets.

We help clients find a pet friendly London property and offer advice on more pet friendly London locations with green space, good transport links and shops close by. We sort out everything from the contract and price negotiations to recommending a local groomer and dog walker/ sitter.

To find out more about coming to the UK, have a look at the UK government website: We also work with companies around the globe who can transport your pet(s) as well as help with the paperwork from overseas to the UK.

The Pet Travel Scheme (PETS) allows animals (dogs, cats and rabbits) to enter the UK without needing to spend any time in quarantine. This is as long as your pet’s coming from a country that’s a member of the scheme. The listed countries include all EU nations and many countries across the world, such as the United States, Australia and Japan.

The ‘diary of a London dog’ is amazing! There are so many coffee houses such as Café Nero (which has a UK dog friendly policy) as well as well known department stores like Peter Jones on Sloane Square and John Lewis on Oxford Street plus Libertys on Regent Street are some of the few places that welcome dogs through their doors! To find out more about the London Dog life, visit or

Russell Hunt is the Founder of Pets Lets and has been advising clients on buying, selling and letting London properties for over 20 years.

To find out more, email us at [email protected] or follow us on Instagram @petslets

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