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We are Londoners. We have pets. As a result we know what 'pet ' London has to offer

Local Vets

We can recommend vets in London, who are local to you and will take care of your best 'four-legged' friend.

Pet Sitters

We know a number of people all over London. They can look after your pet whilst you go out for the evening or during the day. In addition, some are also dog walkers.

Dog Walkers

Equally important is the chemistry between dog walkers and their dogs. We know the personalities of our walkers and can mix and match the dogs they walk.

Pet Taxis

Finding a pet friendly taxi in London can be difficult. We have relationships with taxi companies who will happily transport you and your pet from one destination to the next.

Dog Groomers

With Dog Groomers in London it is always best to book in advance. With each of our properties we reccommend a local parlour.

Dog Trainers

If you are looking for dog trainers, we know several who can help and will educate you about the best nutritional needs of your dogs.

Dog Groomers

Dog Parlours

London Dog Groomers are in high demand. Everyone wants their dogs to look ‘well-polished’ or just have a good clean. Believe it or not, waiting lists can be like Michelin star restaurants, a few months in advance or get a lucky cancellation!

Dog Trainers

Nutritioanl Education

Dog trainers are a key element of London Dog life in such a busy capital. Making sure that they are aware of traffic and road crossings as well as being able to socialise with other dogs is essential whilst out and about. Nutritional education is also important from an early age.

Pet Sitters

Look after your pet in the comfort of your own home

London is becoming increasingly pet friendly. However, going to the theatre or the opera combined with an up-market restaurant won’t work with your ‘four-legged’ friend. If you are in town for business, you may need someone whilst at a meeting. We have people who can help.

Dog Walkers

A socialbe way for your dog to see London

We are tapped into a whole network of dog walkers in the Capital. Your dog will make friends on the commons and parks and at the same time have a great workout. They will then be returned to you ready for a well deserved nap!

Local Vets

Essential to your pets health

As with humans you never know when you will be in need of medical help. With our pets it can be anything from a cut paw whilst running around to something more serious. We can recommend the right people to help.

Pet Friendly Taxis

A Taxi you can hail with your pet

At Pets Lets we aim to raise the profile of London as one of the pet friendliest cities in the world. That includes being able to ride in a taxi with your pet. Please contact us for more information on our pet friendly taxi service.

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