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The two major UK political parties have acknowledged that there is a need for more pet friendly properties and that landlord attitudes towards lets with pets needs to change. This is an issue that affects the welfare of people across the country.

The Conservatives plan ‘to give tenants the default right to keep pets in rental homes’ and Labour has demanded that tenants should ‘be given a right to keep pets’.

The Liberal Democrats are focused on ‘fixing mental health services’. In connection with this, research has shown that pets are a great motivator for people. Walking the dog encourages you to get out, meet other dog lovers and that in turn helps people manage their depression. Dogs and cats in particular provide people with company, always greeting you when you return home. Children growing up with pets find it easier to socialise in later life. A pet friendly household also helps children with autism who find pets have a calming effect.

All of the above points to pet friendly homes having a positive effect. Pets are part of the family. Therefore, it is understandable when people are upset having to give up their pet because of a landlord. Many people would love a dog, hence the popularity of, where you can look after someone else’s dog. Better than not having a dog at all. This is fundamentally due to a shortage of pet friendly properties in London.

I recently met up with the Wild At Heart Foundation . We discussed the issue of the lack of pet friendly homes in London. The sad thing is that they have come across a lot of people who would love a dog. However, just like that famous comedy sketch, computer or in this instance the landlord ‘says no’. Some landlords will not consider pets full stop. However, a proportion of those landlords will consider students and large families who may cause a higher degree of wear and tear. Most pets are well trained and most pet owners make doubly sure that there is minimal damage to any pet friendly properties.

Wild At Heart is an amazing charity which supports animal welfare projects all over the world. They also have a list of dogs on their website you can foster or adopt. If you are a Londoner who has been thinking about getting a dog then talk to Wild At Heart. Also feel free to contact us at Pets Lets about any pet friendly property advice.

With UK property, London is a ‘law unto itself’. Most country cottages are about whether the owner is pet friendly or not. With London, the owner of the property may say yes, but a clause in the building lease may say no. This overrides all.

Russell Hunt is the Founder of Pets Lets, loves pets and has a Beagle/ Bassett, who has been advising clients on buying, selling and letting London property for over 20 years. To find out more, email us at [email protected] or follow us on Instagram @petslets

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